News and Specials

2018 – New Teachers and Discounted Classes!

Jane welcomes two new teachers in the new year. Shedeka Marriott-Williams and Dodi Smason will join Jayne, Daniela and Jane to bring you even more yoga class times.  You may have met Shedeka and Dodi in some of Jane’s other classes.  Look for special pricing that may apply to their classes beginning January 16, 2018!

New Student Special  3 Classes for $25 for students who have never enrolled or have been un-enrolled for 12 months

Jane and Noel Purchase The City Studio

After 31 years as owners of the City Studio, Sara and Jack Burke have taken a well-deserved break. We will miss them and look forward to carrying on the tradition they established back in 1986. The current yoga  and dance classes continue plus we are now looking for new teachers and renters to fill up the unused times.  Want to teach a yoga or dance class?  Want to rent some space to do massage or teach a knitting class? Please contact Jane. 314-680-2929.